New Build

Struggling to find the perfect property? Building your own ensures you get exactly what you want and don’t pay over the odds.

We're proud to be one of the leading house builders in Cambrige.

We work with both homeowners and developers to build new properties that meet their exact needs and can work with you to build a property, or properties, to live in, let or sell. Our house builders often build detached properties, blocks of flats, new-build estates and schools, to name a few.

Our building services include:

  • Initial building site survey
  • Site clearing, including demolition of existing building(s)
  • Liaising with architects to develop plans
  • Assisting with planning permission applications
  • Laying the foundation for the property
  • Fabrication of structure (carpentry and joinery)
  • Bricklaying
  • Insulation and roofing
  • Plumbing and electrics
  • Cosmetics, including kitchen fitting and decor

With our reliable team of house builders in Cambridge, you can bring your idea to fruition and have a finished property, or portfolio of properties, that are ready to live in at the end of our time on site.


100+ projects

since 2010

7-8 months

project duration

30+ years

industry expertise

£300k budget

average build

How it works

You can arrange a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced house builders in Cambridge. They will visit your building site, survey the site, discuss your requirements and provide an initial quote. We will then follow-up with a full quote detailing every aspect of the job for you to sign off.

If you already have an architect on-board, we can work with your architect to better understand your plans. However, if you’re yet to map out your exact requirements, we can also recommend several architects that we regularly work with, who will be able to put your ideas down on paper in a fashion that’s acceptable for your planning application.

Once your planning application has been accepted, we can start your build. Most new-build projects take 6-12 months depending on the complexity of the project. Throughout your build, you will receive regular updates from your Project Manager to ensure you know what’s happening and when and understand any issues we’re facing and the timeframes we’re working to.

When your new build is complete, or nearing completion, your Project Manager will take you around the property, or properties, so that you can confirm you’re happy with everything.

Looking for a team of experienced house builders in Cambridge? Look no further.

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