Considering its safety should be your priority when you plan to refurbish your loft. It is a cosy little space where you will probably spend your leisurely time. However, you must ensure that the room can provide safety to you and your family during emergencies.

Protect the Loft from Accidents:

Constructing multiple outlets like windows, doors, and ventilators is a simple safety feature of a refurbished loft. These can control the air movement of your loft and make it an open space. You can also be assured of avoiding any untoward incidents in the room.

Tips for Ensuring Safety in Lofts:

Here, you can find more tips for enhancing the safety of your loft. Being a vital investment for your property, you should keep the space safe from all untoward incidents. For better collaboration with the builder, you should consult a reputable source of loft conversions in Cambridge.

1. Windows: It is a vital addition to your loft that can act as an escape route during a fire. The window can be used in case the staircase is blocked. According to building regulations, the windows should have a minimum width of 450 mm. Try installing windows with non-lockable fasteners. These are the most suitable additions to be used as an emergency fire escape.

2. Proper Insulation: Do not ignore the three vital safety norms while converting your loft: heating, ventilating and insulating. A poorly insulated loft becomes a heat pocket. So it is necessary to protect the walls and the roof properly. Instead of using air conditioners, you can try ventilating all corners of the loft.

3. Fire Doors: Fire doors are essential for ensuring the loft’s safety. It is a simple task that you can perform while converting the loft. It can act as an additional passage from the loft to the exteriors of your house.

4. Door Closers: Though this item is not mandatory, it is used by many users to ensure additional safety to the doors. The door closers are metallic equipment found on the top of the doors. It is functional for closing the door automatically. This can be a useful item to protect your safety and privacy when you consider sleeping in the loft.

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