When it comes to improving your home, there are endless options your builder can offer you. From renovating the existing kitchen to adding a new bedroom for guests – there can be anything and everything that you can try to give your property an improved look. A loft conversion is one of them.

People, who wish to add more space to their house in a stylish and functional manner, always consider loft conversions in Cambridge. This is one of the most common, safest and efficient ways to improve the overall value, usable space and functionality of your house.

Types of Loft Conversions You Can Try

There are different styles that a loft conversion expert can suggest to give your dream the shape of reality. All these styles have distinct features that make them unique and popular.

1. Dormer: This one is the simplest way to turn an unused loft room into a stylish space that you can use for multiple purposes. It hardly requires planning permission. Only a few structural changes will give the old room a brand new look in this style. The new room will look like a cube interior.

2. Hip to Goble: This is another highly popular style of loft conversion. The existing roof’s one end will be straightened to create a wall and make that space looks larger. It is an excellent style for detached properties and end of terrace lofts.

3. Mansard: This one needs planning permission because you have to raise the party wall of your property. This style will have a flat roof extension with sloping walls to create a unique shape.

4. Roof Light: This one is very common and often preferred by homeowners because of its simplicity. You can give your loft room a fresh and bright look by adding roof lights to the existing structure.

Why Hire Professional Construction Company for Loft Conversion

These experts have vast knowledge and experience in a loft conversion. They know how to deal with the odds and finally finish the job with complete accuracy. From choosing the right style to the perfect installation – these experts will make everything possible for your loft conversion project.

At Fenlake Construction Ltd, we offer various types of construction services, including loft conversion projects. Our experts will give your property a new look with such extension services. If you think that your property needs to be improved, you can contact us for the right suggestions and services.
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