Is your home space falling short for your big family? No worries. There’s the solution for this too! Hire a specialised house extension expert and opt for either single or double-storey extensions. But before you do the same, you must remember a few points. As simple as it may seem, a house extension is a hectic and lengthy process.

You might need to incur several costs, hassles and legal obligations before you get the desired outcome. To avoid a stressful experience, hire professionals for extension in Cambridge.

Things To Know For a Proper House Extension Project

1. Make a Practical Plan
Let’s say you have got a small property with permission of only two-storeys. And you’re planning for a backside extension and want to add one more storey on the top. Is it feasible? Obviously no. Make practical plans where an architect can design the extension for you. Your crazy dreams will mess up the already constructed property!

2. Compare Renovation and Extension Costs
Renovation costs vs extension costs – this is a crucial point that you need to consider before you jump to a conclusion. Suppose you already have an unused room in your house. Then, if you’re falling short of space, renovating the room is undoubtedly a great idea. It’s even economically feasible. On the other hand, if you start considering an extension for the same, then the cost might be higher. Hence, always compare the prices before you decide which option to choose.

3. Hire The Right Extension Specialist
If you fall into the trap of the wrong person, then even a simple extension project may seem a difficult one. So, search extensively, check ratings and even talk to customers before hiring the house extension specialists. You must also check the experience level of the company’s architects that you’re planning to hire. There are examples of many messed up projects where extensions failed due to skill deficiencies of the specialists.

4. Check the probable limitations
Not every extension project will be a success. So, instead of daydreaming, face reality. List out the possible limitations that might occur if you opt for your house extension. In conclusion, you can discuss the design with your architect. Let them also comment on the same. If the list is short, then it’s a feasible decision, otherwise not.

5. Check the legalities
You may face lots of legal obligations before you can start your home extension project. Not all properties have the sanction for extensions. If yours is one of them, then you’ve to do everything legally. Start by checking the documentation. You should also check the possibilities of legal obligations that may come up in the process.

Fenlake Construction has a team of experienced extension specialists who will pay a physical visit to your property. We’ll check the feasibility of the available space and the design that you’ve made. Depending on the same, we will undertake the project and start the work accordingly. We have a reputation for delivering 100% successful projects for satisfied clients!