Converting the unused loft brings about extra space and is an economically beneficial option. You can convert your loft successfully and use it as a spare room for your child, guests, or a home office. However, hire professionals for loft conversions in Cambridge. They know the legal, structural, and budgetary requirements for a successful loft conversion.

If you think loft conversion is an easy and quick process, then you’re wrong. You have to cross a few hurdles to get your loft converted and use it effectively. Hence, if you face these blocks in the path of construction, don’t get demotivated. Professionals can easily fix the same.

What are The Issues of Loft Conversion?

1. Lack of Enough Headroom

One of the major problems with a successful loft conversion is the lack of enough headroom space in the loft. If the headroom space is less, then converting the loft doesn’t serve the purpose. Hiring professionals will help you get the best designs for such purposes.

2. Issues with Legal Permissions

Although you won’t need legal permissions to convert the loft space, you need to take the permission if you’re planning on increasing the space. Sometimes homeowners like to add semi-detached roofs or extend the loft space outside. This can be done after the construction department has assessed the existing structure. You might face trouble getting permission in such a case.

3. Getting Rid of Central Heating Tanks

In old constructions, the central heating header tanks and the cold water tank might be situated in an area that can threaten the loft conversion process. This is an unavoidable problem. The engineers of such buildings had not considered the possibility of loft conversion in future cases. If you’re hell-bound on getting your loft converted, you have to change the water line completely.

4. Problems with Attaching Bathroom

If you’re planning on attaching a bathroom along with your new loft room, this can threaten the overall construction process. Bathroom construction in lofts would require you to develop a completely new plumbing system in your house. This is a hectic and time-taking task. You’ll need good professional experience to get the same construction flawlessly in your house. Moreover, this is a big hurdle because it is a costly part of the construction.

Fenlake Construction is a reliable name in terms of loft conversion projects. Our experienced engineers can successfully design your lofts even if you have very little space in your loft. Hire our experts and get the best services in town.